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What industries does Bilderlings not serve?
What industries does Bilderlings not serve?
Written by Tatjana Petjukevica
Updated over a week ago

Bilderlings will not knowingly enter into a business relationship with customers that seek to process payments involving:

● Illegal gambling entities;

● Weapon dealers/intermediaries/purchasers;

● Illegal drugs;

● Anonymous accounts or customers seeking to maintain an account in an obviously fictitious name;

● Human trafficking or Modern slavery;

● Shell banks, i.e. banks with no physical presence or staff, or financial institutions which cooperates with shell banks;

● Adult-online live content, webcam, online streaming content and acts of offensive adult content, Adult advertising, Child Pornography, Bestiality;

● Rape/Hate/Violence;

● Replica/Copyright infringement;

● Companies which issue bearer shares;

● Unlicensed financial institutions ;

● Privacy coins e.g. Monero, Zcash and Dash;

● Ponzi / pyramid schemes; and

● Binary options

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