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I need to report a fraudulent payment
I need to report a fraudulent payment
Written by Tatjana Petjukevica
Updated over a week ago

If you notice a payment in your Activity that you didn’t make, it may not be fraud. It could be a pending or delayed payment and will be resolved soon. So if you don’t recognize a transaction, check if it could be one of these things:

Pending payments from petrol/gas stations. Petrol stations often preauthorize a maximum or estimated amount. The amount you actually spent should be charged in 1–3 days, and the rest will be automatically refunded to your account

Payments made offline. Transactions made during a flight or at a food truck are often delayed, so may appear in your activity when you’re not expecting it.

Unfamiliar business names. Transactions are sometimes listed under a different trading name to the business you’re familiar with. Google the name to see if you recognise it.

Unexpected small charges. Businesses might charge your card for a small amount to make sure it works. This is common for hotels and car rentals and for your card verification. These small charges will usually be refunded within a few days.

Subscriptions. Free trials can lead to unexpected subscription charges. If this happens, get in touch with the merchant to ask for a refund, or cancel the subscription. Click here to learn more about unexpected subscription charges. (link to I don't recognise a subscription on my account)

If you’re sure the payment is fraudulent

1. Freeze your card. This will stop any more payments from going through. To do this, log in to Bilderlings, click on Cards on the website or Mobile app, select Accounts &Cards, then Select the Card and click Freeze.

2. Let us know. Contact your manager and report the issue to us. Include as much information as you can about what happened.

3. We’ll investigate. Once we’re done, we’ll email you again. We’ll also let you know if we blocked your card completely. You’re welcome to order a new one if that happens.

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