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How to get and use card

How many payment cards can I have?
Is it possible to open cards in other currencies?
Can I issue multiple cards, in different currencies, and link them to one account to use all the currencies I want?
Can I use the card if my account balance is in a different currency?
Where and when can I get a tracking number?
What are the delivery options and terms?
What is the difference between card limits and account limits?
Card limits (physical and virtual cards)
Can I add my Bilderlings card to Apple Pay?
How do I add my Bilderlings card to Google Pay?
How do I pay with Apple Pay in online stores?
How to get the physical card
How to get the virtual card
Activate your Bilderlings card
My Bilderlings card hasn't arrived yet
How do I activate a physical card?
How do I change my PIN?
What are my spending limits?
How to change your card limits?
Where can I use my Bilderlings card?
What currencies can I order my Bilderlings card in?
How do I check my card details?
What if I've forgotten my PIN?
An ATM didn't give me my cash
Why doesn't contactless work for my Bilderlings card?
How to delete a Bilderlings card?
A transaction isn't showing in my activity list
What should I do if my Bilderlings card is lost or stolen?
How do I freeze or unfreeze my Bilderlings card?
I didn't get the goods or services I paid for
I don't recognize a subscription on my account
I need to report a fraudulent payment
What is a Bilderlings virtual card?
What types of cards does Bilderlings offer?
How to report a damaged or malfunctioning card?
How much are spending fees?
What is the process for reissuing or replacing a card?
What if my card expires?
A transaction is still pending
How much does it cost to withdraw cash?
I got charged the wrong rate
What if I spend money in a currency that I don’t have in my account?
How long do refunds to my Bilderlings card take?
What actions can be performed with a corporate card?
Virtual, plastic, Apple Pay and Google Pay - what's the difference?
What are the cash withdrawal limits for businesses?
What is the cash withdrawal fee?
How do I top up my card?