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How much does it cost to withdraw cash?
How much does it cost to withdraw cash?
Written by Tatjana Petjukevica
Updated over a week ago

You can use your Bilderlings card like any other bank card to withdraw money at ATMs around the world.

The fees you pay depend on where you withdraw the cash. Usually you can withdraw money in the local currency. If you withdraw cash in a currency other than you're not currently holding on the card, we'll charge a conversion fee to convert it for you. Also fee for cash withdrawal will be applied.

Keep in mind that these are fees Bilderlings charges on your card. Some ATMs may charge additional fees over these. We have no way of predicting those charges, but they’re usually visible on the ATM before you agree to the withdrawal.

Checking your balance

The best way to check your balance is on the Bilderlings Mobile app, or website. You can check your balance at ATMs as well. In this case balance enquire will be applied.

What if the ATM charges me a fee, or asks me to choose a currency?

ATMs may ask to convert your money for you. If you say yes to this option, they’ll often charge an unfair exchange rate.

To avoid extra fees from the ATM, be sure to choose the local currency where the ATM is.

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